Magia (12 pack)

Velvety, aromatic, well rounded

Rich, full-bodied and well rounded, this remarkable blend delivers magical, fragrant and intriguing accents. The slow roast completes a superb blend with a velvety, deep and harmonious body, a sublime aroma and an unbeatable aftertaste.

12 capsules per box.

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with notes of caramelized nuts


Velvety, aromatic, well rounded

Full-bodied, well-rounded Arabica coffees from South America and smooth aromatic Indian Arabica combine with the exclusive Arabica of the Ethiopian highlands to give this outstanding blend its characteristic notes of wild fruits. For true coffee connoisseurs, this blend creates an exquisite espresso with a harmony of flavours and magical accents.

Massimo Bottura presents

Italian haute cuisine meets Lavazza A Modo Mio.

Massimo Bottura, the renovator of Italian tradition, interprets the Magicamente blend. ?A long journey of taste and harmony of flavours for an exquisite Italian espresso with its magical hint of fruitiness.?

' Aromatic and fruity, it transports us on a long taste journey ''

Torrone Morbido (soft nougat) from Piedmont, Sicily and Sardinia is typified by its notes of honey and dried fruit. It makes an excellent accompaniment thanks to its sweet and floral notes which recall the fragrant aroma of Magicamente.

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