A Modo Mio

Innovation, Passion and Performance

Born from over a hundred years of experience.

It's the coffee that makes the difference.

That was our starting point. Not yesterday, but over 110 years ago, from when Lavazza set out to give Italians unique and distinctively flavoured coffee.

In 2007 a capsule system was born, 'Lavazza A Modo Mio'. We think we have succeeded.

For us Italians, coffee just must be 'Lavazza A Modo Mio' - the way each of us love to drink and offer a cup of espresso. Tailor made coffee, made for our individual taste, expectations and desires, exactly the way we want it.

The Cup

An excellent espresso coffee also depends on the vessel that hosts it.

The Lavazza A Modo Mio cup preserves the purity of the original flavour, featuring a maximum capacity of 70 ml and a truncated conical shape. The cup should be pre-heated to a temperature of 35°-40°C. In this way the crema will be compact and warm, enclosing itself and enhancing the aromatic characteristics and flavours of the coffee.

The Aroma

The true fragrance of an espresso.

The aromatic sensations vary; at times, they are reminiscent of flowers, dry fruit, or chocolate. The aromas are perceived by directly sniffing the steam issuing from the cup. The aromatic substances continue to issue from the liquid coffee, from the cup and during tasting.

The Body

Thanks to the careful selection of blends and the exclusive extraction method, we bring excellence to your cup of coffee.

The body is the perceived sensation of the drink's density, oiliness and viscosity, linked to the concentration of dissolved substances. The body of the coffee is distinct from the strength of aromatic and taste sensations.

The Crema

This is the gold standard that sets espresso apart from the other preparation methods.

The extraction and emulsion method of Lavazza A Modo Mio results in a perfectly dense and tasty crema. The ideal crema must be compact, persistent and the color of hazelnut. It must never be foamy, fleeting, too light or too dark.